Hello everybody, I'm building this site on various IT technical topics; started with javascript. I will try here to make things understandable in a simple way. Like to bring more fun than any seriousness in the learning process.
[I'm still building this site and will remodel tutorial more simpler as and when I get chance!]

Crypto Currency / ERC20 Tokens / ICOs


Cinque Terre

Forecast for a project and earn rewards. Wings is a token which provides platform for ico conduct, crowd funding and forecasting ...» Read More

Cinque Terre

Check here how many project Wings already forecasted successfully and paid reward to the community ...» Read More

Cinque Terre

Projects which are in pipeline actively worked by team to pursue. These projects will be listed for forecasting pretty soon. As a forecaster you also can help pursuing them or/and get prepared for right forecasting with relevant information ...» Read More

Cinque Terre

Get all required project info for the listed projects in wings, this will help you to remain updated with important project details ...» Read More

IT Software Projects

What is MLP?

MLP approach manages risk realistically with each delivery. It reaches to the actual product in an organic useful manner ... » Read More



After spending more than a decade in IT industry from a junior fresher to a lead architect, one thing I realized in industry if there are any programming language which is most misunderstood, taken for granted, that would be javascript. Developers have notion that the ability to pop-up an alert and throwing some console debugging messages; all it need to write javascript.... » Read More

JavaScript Execution Context

If we consider a block of code as a plain English paragraph document then syntax parser is the one which validates if the grammar is correct. When we write code it's human readable but not machine. Compiler converts that written code into machine understandable language, syntax parser is the one which plays role to make sure the written code is syntactically correct and ready for compiler input.... » Read More

Name/Value Pair and Object

A 'Name' is something which maps to a value or which refer a value. A Name could only have one value on any given context. However that value could be another Name/Value pair.... » Read More

Global Env and Global Object

How do you get access to the window object and this variable ? javascript object runs inside an execution context. The code what you write that wraps up inside that execution context along with other contexts during runtime.... » Read More

Execution Context and Hoisting

Execution Context and Hositing... » Read More

Undefined vs not defined

In javascript we might have seen the keyword undefined printing on console many times, but what this undefined is ? Who set it up as undefined and how we can make use of it .... » Read More

Function Stacking and Invocation

In javascript we execute or call a function by a pair of parenthesis '()'. So if a function defined as function a(){} to call that function we need to use a().... » Read More

Variable Env and scope chain

In javascript variable belongs to a execution context. What does that mean? Let's look at the code below.... » Read More

Data Type

In Programming language a data type determines what kind of data that variable holding. e.g. In C programming language int count; would mean that the count variable only can hold integer data type. If someone try count = “hello” a compiler error will be thrown. This kind of data type is called static data type.... » Read More

JavaScript Object and function

A collection of property, method and other object or name/value pair.... » Read More

Functions are object

In javascript functions are objects, throughout this page we will try to understand why and how javascript functions are objects.... » Read More

Syntax Parser

javascript engine reads each charater of the line-code and anticipates the next character, if it doesn't find the match it syntax parser throws an exception.... » Read More

Immediately invoked function

We already aware of two kind of function declaration function statement and function expression.... » Read More

JavaScript closures

All understandings of function execution stack, firstclass function, execution context won't be completed without understaing of closure.... » Read More

Closures and callback

Closures and callback.... » Read More

JavaScript call, bind and apply

javacript call bind and apply.... » Read More