How MLP(Minimum Loveable Product) works?

Lets try explaining it through a hypothetical scenario.

A man swimming in ocean exposed to several threats

Cinque Terre
  • i> It can be eaten by Piranha
  • ii> Decapitaed by Sharks
  • iii> Dehydrated by scorching Sun

The man is safe when a ship is built and he is inside it!

In a water-fall model of approach the man remains exposed to all threats till the ship is built.

If he is lucky he survives,  he deos not get any flabour how the ship would look like or behave in prior.


Lets try explaining how a MLP approach helps the man.

Cinque Terre
  • i> Within a short duration the man gets dinghy which may help him out of Piranha threat, but its far from a ship and Sharks are still lurking.
  • ii> Next phase he is delivered with a steamboat which is again not a ship but he is able to cut Piranha threat completely and sharks upto a certain extent, scroching sun also no more an issue.
  • iii> Finally he is delivered with a ship. Now he is a happy man.

 In a MLP approach the man successfully articulated the minimum loveable product which he could accept and delivery team came to an agreement whats that minimum product they could afford to deliver.

MLP approach manages risk realistically with each delivery. It reaches to the actual product in an organic useful manner.