Why JavaScript ?

Why javascript

After spending more than a decade in IT industry from a junior fresher to a lead architect, one thing I realized in industry if there are any programming language which is most misunderstood, taken for granted, that would be javascript. Developers have notion that the ability to pop-up an alert and throwing some console debugging messages; all it need to write javascript.
But wait!
One of the popular programming language today. Used in all modern web browser. One of the most crucial language to learn if you want to do any sort of front end development.
You need to learn javascript to create better user experience it allows to play around with html DOM element.

Througout this course we will know more about the javascript's strength.
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What this course for

Understand javascript in depth core. How it actually works behind the scene. Unlike C, C++, C# etc javascript follows complete different programming paradigm and throughout the course we will try to explain those hidden beautiful aspect of javascript.
Understand how javascript framework(e.g. jquery) built and build your first javascript framework.

What this course is not for

This course is not for making any responsive website. Not to develop any web page or as such.

Whom this course for

Purely for developers or for those who love to dig deep, period.

Requirement for this course

Aware of beginner level of javascript or any other programming language. Aware of looping, if else,array etc.

Set up

For this course I will use sublime text editor with google chrome. In google chrome press f12 and go to 'Developer tools' select 'Console'. Thats where we will mostly spend our time analyzing javascript object and throwing debugging log into the console.
This tutorial is constructed in a structured way so one can finish each lesson and move to the next one. However you are free to select any lesson from the navigation bar; it may sometime create difficulty if the current lesson refers ideas discussed in previous lesson.
It's your choice !

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